Spa Gardens

Green idyll on the banks of the ilmenau river

Flower splendour and majestic old trees

In the early 1960s, a so-called "Stadtgarten" or town park was created. It has been integrated into the entire park complex as a "flower bed park". The park lies north of the so-callled "Kruschendamm" in the Kurpark. The Kruschendamm Bridge built in 1959 connects the footpath and bikepath to the popular "Rosenbad" open-air swimming recreation center and the Rosencafé on the other side of the Ilmenau River to the spa gardens.

The Sundial of Bad Bevensen

The Sundial of Bad Bevensen is one of the largest in Europe and a highly precise one, for that matter: The leaning high-grade steel mast of the sundial in the Kurpark of Bad Bevensen was erected on 21 June 1998, the summer solstice and is nearly 16 meters high. It tells us far more than just the position of the sun. Getting orientated takes a little while, but with a bit of patience you will discover a rewarding abundance of information about calendars, seasons, geography and astronomy.

Garden of the Senses

The topic of the sun clock garden - "experience with the dimension of time" - is "hidden" in the garden of the senses which looks as the question of time in a new and open way. The "Garden of the Senses", located in the "Flower Bed Park" in the northern section of the spa gardens, was created to provide its visitors with an extraordinarily intense individual experience. The individual points of experience are derived from the realizations of the artist, teacher and philosopher Hugo Kükelhaus (1900 to 1984).

The Neptune Fountain of Bad Bevensen

You will find the fascinating Neptune Fountain near the Ilmenau bridge that connects the pedestrian precinct in the Old Town with the Kurpark. It forms a harmonious transition between the city landscape and the green of the Kurpark. The 2.4-meter-high bronze casting is an artwork of the Hanoverian sculptor Bernd Maro. It represents the God of the sea with his trident in playful motion. The water gushes in an arc on to the sculpture.

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